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The Daily Life of working for WWW.Doshloans.com

Today i woke up in Paris, France and thought what I could write for the Daily Life of a worker in the payday industry. I sent a very nice email to all the defaulters of loans to see if we could arrange a deal for them to repay back knowing that on monday i would have to sue the ones that dont get in touch. it,s hard as many will not respond. I send letters every day trying to get in touch.

The funny thing is that mostly all work and if they don,t get in touch interest charges and court fees escalate and then the company goes for attachment of earnings order which makes the company they work for pay me direct and deduct the payment. How silly to let it get that far.

I have had a good response today from the letter I sent out but my thoughts go to 4 people who did not pay this week and the court orders i need to make on monday. This is extremely embarrasing as I have no choice but to enforce the judgement.

I will come back tomorrow for more updates but please let me tell you this business is no fun.


manager at Wage Payments and Payday Loans Ltd t/as www.doshloans.com


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