David Bright & Claire Silverstone (The Parents Voice London Ltd) – McKenzie Friends from Hell. 2nd Article of the day!David Bright, McKenzie Friend, is one of the most obnoxious and disgraceful pieces of our Society who operated under the radar for a while, his psychopathic personality is apparent when considering his Fraudulent acts committed while purporting to be a Solicitor and McKenzie Friend preying on the most vulnerable people. He setup shop his Legal Services con-shop in London under the company incorporation number: 08920624, naming it an outwardly respectable “Parents Voice London Ltd” (TPV) in 2014. Another relevant accomplice of David’s was his girlfriend, Ms Claire Ruth Mann (AKA Silverstone) who was also appointed a Director in September 2014. screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-14-36-40 screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-14-37-41 The “business” most recently operated from: 33-35 Daws Lane, London NW7 4SD – however it has moved premises 3 times in less than 2 years as the scamming increased!!! David resided at: 73 Claremont house, 14 Aerodrome Road, London NW9 5NW Claire Ruth Mann (AKA Silverstone) resided at: 28 Newark Way, London NW4 4JL David’s date of birth is 12th February 1968 and he was a Family Law McKenzie Friend and at times held out as a Solicitor. Claire’s is 12th December 1972 and she held out as a Family Court reporting Psychologist. It is important to make plain that much later on in 2016 it transpired, that Claire Ruth Mann was NOT a REAL Psychologist and David Bright was NOT a REAL Solicitor. However we shall come back to these serious issues later on as they go to the heart of the scam/fraudulent operation they ran jointly, whereby they swindled cash out of the most vulnerable members of society. Running a total of £70,000+ screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-14-42-34 david-bright David Bright and Claire Ruth Mann were finally arrested by the Colindale Police raid in October 2015 at their Luxury Mill Hill home and a raft of serious charges were brought against both of them, subsequently CPS due to overwhelming evidence decided to prosecute both sickos and trial was held in the Harrow Crown Court where a Jury of 12 found them Guilty, currently they are awaiting sentencing on the 14th October 2016, case transferred for sentencing to Wood Green Crown Court on 23rd September 2016 – to be sentence by HHJ Morrison. Due to the magnitude of the scamming (circa £70,000) against a significant amount (300+) of vulnerable victims it is probable to attract either lengthy suspended or custodial sentences. At the moment, Scott D’Arcy, (Journalist) General Reporter from the Press Association is searching for more victims of the scam ran by David Bright and Claire Ruth Mann. Scott can be contacted on mobile 07583 188 608 or email Scott.darcy@pressassociation.com, we have included his business card below and urge ALL VICTIMS COME FORWARD, you have nothing to fear as the Editor will ensure your identity is preserved accordingly in their reporting. The sentencing is on 14th October 2016 and he will do a combined report. We have submitted this website to Scott. screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-14-49-46 David, comes from a Jewish background, has an incredibly shady past and is not shy to life of crime, he is European but his history originates from Kansas City (USA), then he moved to Chicago in 1994, ran subsequent scams, with involvement in Cocaine cartels and was arrested in 1996 at La Guardia airport trying to board a plane with $200,000 cash in suitcases along with allegations of $2,000,000 worth of drug cartel money laundering. Thereafter him, his wife and children left to move to Florida and he was re-arrested on Fraud charges and committing a string of motor vehicle crimes. After this the US government obtained a Deportation Order to Spain, from there he arrived in England in 2006. From this point he, became well known to the Serious Fraud Office, has s tring of aliases created e.g. Marc Landau, setup a string of successive companies, which were all quickly bankrupted and he started up his Legal Services Business (TPV) in 2014. Meeting his Girlfriend in crime: Claire. 12122408_10154506290958868_2621140999342587837_n CON ARTIST COUPLE: Claire Ruth Silverstone with David Bright As far as Claire Ruth Mann (AKA Silverstone), comes from a Jewish background, we do that she originates from Cornwall and moved to London in 2014, was married to Barry Mann and had an affair with con artist David Bright and in 2015 there were Proceedings commenced by her Ex husband concerning their child, whom was removed from her care; what we do know is that she pretended to be a trained Counselor and ran a Counseling business called “Isadoras Manos Counseling Ltd” and then subsequently she ran a spin off with David Bright from “The Parents Voice”, called “Parents Voice London Mediation Services Limited” where she pretended to be a qualified Mediator. The pair then took the scam to another level (if that was possible) and Claire would pretend to be a trained and qualified Psychologist reporting to the Family Court. Claire would use fraudulently the suffixes against her name on the FM1 Mediation Exception Certificate found in the C100 Form with David Bright to make court applications claiming exceptions:- CPsychol AFBPs BA MSc bam21-fake-miam-1200×888 SO… what ELSE did they do? Claire’s conduct was to support the frauds ran by her boyfriend David Bright, she already had a string of fraud/theft related convictions and cautions, so the chance meetup and bunk up with David was bound to be a match made in heaven. The pair swindled substantial amount of money from over 300 victims (self admitted). screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-15-50-44 Both purported to be experts in family law and related matters. Claire was convicted by Jury finding her Guilty (due to NG plea made at Hendon Mags) at Wood Green Crown Court in August 2016 of purporting to be a Psychologist submitting reports to a Court, Perverting the course of Justice along with making a BOMB Hoax to Police in order to get Kinloss Synagogue evacuated as far back as 13th July 2013. David was also found guilty by the Jury and convicted of Perverting Course of Justice, Harassment of a Witness (another matter) and Fraud. David has taken substantial figures of money off parents in most extreme of circumstances (e.g. to allegedly stop an Adoption) and encourages them to pay cash so he can “cut the VAT off” and the clients have made recordings covertly and submitted them to us to listen and view. SO MANY VICTIMS ARE LEFT ANGRY AND EMOTIONAL AS DAVID AND CLAIRE FRAUDULENTLY ACQUIRED THEIR HARD EARNED OR BORROWED MONEY AND MADE FALSE PROMISES OF GETTING KIDS BACK FROM ADOPTIONS AND THE WORKS. BRIGHT TRULY IS A NASTY MAN, WE HOPE HE GETS LENGTHY CUSTODIAL AND THEN DROPS THE SOAP REPEATEDLY AND BECOMES SOMEONES BITCH IN PRISON…THAT MIGHT BE A TOKEN GESTURE OF JUSTICE. 11828721_10155921954880585_3513238019183047438_n 11885290_10155921954885585_3429976952449271203_n 11892030_10155921954800585_6137038929670868521_n screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-16-36-27 screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-16-37-34 screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-16-37-42 screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-16-37-55 Here is a True story from one of Brights Victim: David Bright told us that he ‘HAD ONLY LOST TWO CASES OUT OF 300 AND THEY THEY WERE ONLY AT THE BEGINNING,’ HE TOLD US THAT OUR CASE WAS EASY AND HE WOULD HAVE MY STEP-DAUGHTER WITHIN OUR ‘CUSTODY’ WITHIN SIX MONTHS.’ To use a phrase that I went on to repeat many times afterwards as I shall soon explain, he really was like WATER IN THE DESERT for us. He reminded me of Alan Sugar and having worked in business myself, I deduced that those characteristics would bode well in court as we had a tricky case. He seemed to be ‘our man.’ We had HOPE and more than that – apparently REASSURANCE that it was ‘in the bag’ – as David Bright told us that he ‘WINS ALL OF HIS CASES BECAUSE HE NEVER TAKES ON A CASE THAT HE CAN’T WIN.’ Nice STRAP LINE line for a man who used the same patter of manipulation with every parent AND ACTUALLY IN MOST CASES, DID NOTHING AT ALL. In my naievity and with a deep passion to help other parents and provide the same opportunity for them, I advertised David Bright and The Parents Voice to all and sundry and very soon there was plenty of momentum in this way. So far I had been doing the contacting re parents much of the time, with the aim of catching those who were falling and reminding them of their worth and their possibilities. But now added to the parents who contacted me anyway – were many more all intrigued hoping that maybe this was the break that they had been praying for. Some parents contacted David Bright – but others told me that although The Parents Voice claimed they helped parents on LOW MEANS, they still could not afford the fee that had been set for them. I deliberated over this for a while and my heart went out to those parents who I felt were all equally deserving. I came to an idea that could hep them – a 500 MILE SPONSORED WALK TO SUPPORT FATHERS WHO WISHED TO BE REPRESENTED BY DAVID BRIGHT IN COURT. From this point so may things happened, including Facebook toying with me and with our event, and health checks that forced me to have to diminish the lenght of the walk so greatly, that the event was modified and became a 100 MILE TOUR ON FOOT – not just the walk but entertainment and raising of awareness related to the family courts. Cyd Hingerty best known for his WALK FOR JUSTICE TO RAISE AWARENESS AND SUPPORT TO STOP CHILD ABUSE and Kath Davis another KEEN WALKER AND LOVER OF NATURE WITH A PASSION FOR THE CAUSE pledged to join me, so one became three. I advertised the event – but then happenings went from bad to worse. I made blatantly clear to parents who wished to capitalise on the funds from the sponsored event, that they needed to take three steps: 1. to contact me to let me know 2. to contact David Bright to find out if theirs was a case that he would take on and then 3. to get back to me. That was it. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SIMPLE – IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A WIN-WIN SITUATION 😦 but it was far from that. It is relevant for you to know at this juncture that i am pretty meticulous when it comes to note-keeping – and certainly in a position of responsibility, that was a paramount part of my work. BUT – NOT DAVID BRIGHT’S. NO – HIS STYLE WAS TO HAVE AS LITTLE ON PAPER AS POSSIBLE. A lot of work was put into the event – there were around 20 parents all hoping for funding and David Bright’s expert representation in court. But then this is what happened. Parents contacted me telling asking me what was going on as they had contacted David Bright and he had not returnd their call – or he had and then he hadn’t the next time – or he had said he wouldn’t take their case even though it was a straight cut case… etc etc – there was one frustration after another until I began to be more than just a little concerned. When I took these complaints to David Bright, HE BLAMED IT ON THE PARENTS – AND TOLD ME IN SOME CASES TO JUST ‘KEEP OUT OF IT.’ There were so many communications over this period eventually leading to the CANCELLATION OF THE ‘TOUR ON FOOT’ SPONSORED EVENT – WHICH BROKE MY HEART INTO PIECES. All those Dads that had felt like they were at the end in some cases and others who finally felt that THEY HAD A CHANCE – AND NOW IT HAD ALL DISAPPEARED. It is rare for me not to have words to express myself, but on this occasion – right now – in layman’s terms… I am still just too gutted to accept all that happened and I AM COMMITTED TO SUPPORTING THE FATHERS WHO WERE MEANT TO BENEFIT FROM MY SPONSORED EVENT. 😦 😦 All the while OUR OWN CASE was a joke. We HAD GIVEN DAVID BRIGHT A DOWNPAYMENT OF 500 AND THEN 180 – PER MONTH AS AGREED – AND HE HAD ACHIEVED NOTHING AND NEVER ATTENDED COURT WITH US. As events unfolded, not withstanding the fact that WE HAD ONLY MET DAVID BRIGHT ONCE FACE TO FACE AND HADN’T MET ANY OF THE PARENTS OTHER THAN ON LINE – there were in fact half a dozen parents that I KNEW I COULD TRUST AND SO I CONTACTED THEM. *I want to name them now – because I LOVE THEM IN A BIG WAY AND THEY WERE SUCH A POSITIVE PART OF THIS WHOLE NIGHTMARE – BUT IT’S UP TO THEM TO REVEAL THEMSELVES IF THEY WANT TO. The truth is, as I called each one of them, I got to see HOW DAVID BRIGHT WAS OPERATING AND TO SEE CLEARLY THAT HE WAS USING THE SAME MANIPULATIVE PROCESS WITH EVERYONE. This was something of a breakthrough for me and I began informing groups etc that they should NOT TOUCH THE PARENTS VOICE WITH A BARGE POLE and then DAVID BRIGHT MADE A LOW-DOWN DIRTY MOVE. HE DID NOT IMPRESS ME BUT HE DID TAKE MY PARTNER IN BY OFFERING HIM FREE SUPPORT FOR THE REMAINDER OF HIS CASE. in reality he still did not attend – he didn’t help at all – BUT HE KNEW THAT I WAS NOT GOING TO PUBLICISE MY DOUBTS ABOUT HIM WHILE MY PARTNER WAS STILL USING HIM. Finally, on the BIG DAY OF COURT, as he did with other parents, he called my partner and demanded a substantial sum of money claiming that we had agreed to pay it and that without it he would NOT BE REPRESENTING MY PARTNER IN COURT. Following this OPEN ADMISSION OF FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOUR, PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT AND MALPRACTICE, I felt that I now had the evidence to be able to confidently come forward and WARN OTHER PARENTS NOT TO TOUCH DAVID BRIGHT AND THE PARENTS VOICE (*I HAVE BEEN INFORMED THAT IT HAS BEEN NOW HANDED TO ‘MARK LANDAU’ DAVID BRIGHT’S ACCOMPLICE AND RENAMED ‘PHOENIX OPERATIONS’). DAVID BRIGHT CONTACTED US TO THREATEN US TELLING US THAT HE WAS SENDING CERTAIN DISTORTIONS TO CAFCASS TO BLOW OUR CASE – BUT OUR CASE WAS ALREADY FINISHED. We have since learned that this is what DAVID BRIGHT DOES – WHEN SQUEEZED INTO A CORNER WITH ONLY HIS OWN REFLECTION TO STARE AT – HE FREAKS! From all of this I created our group, ‘SELF-REPRESENTATION IN COURT,’ encouraging parents to take their rightful seat at the helm of their ships and learn to carry their own casses regardless of any support they may enlist. You can click here to browse the group timeline as it is open to the public: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PRACAI/ Several months have passed and other than a few parents that I have been keeping a kind eye on in relation to their contact with DAVID BRIGHT – I had put him into a place in the back of my mind. Another CHARLETON – disappointing – but I have been more focussed on HOW TO HELP THE PARENTS NOW – then going over the past. I have continued to work with parents and others – and then JUST RECENTLY I WAS CONTACTED AND TOLD THAT DAVID BRIGHT AND HIS EQUALLY FRAUDULENT PARTNER CLAIRE MANN (CLAIRE RUTH SILVERSTONE ON FACEBOOK) HAVE BEEN CONVICTED FOR ‘PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE IN RELATION TO THE PARENTS VOICE AND THE FAMILY COURTS. Look I will say no more – YOU CAN READ FOR YOURSELF. http://news.met.police.uk/…/woman-convicted-of-perverting-t… Apparently both DAVID BRIGHT AND CLAIRE MANN WILL BE BEING SENTENCED ON AUGUST 30TH WOOD GREEN CROWN COURT. But that is NOT all of it…. there will be FURTHER ARTICLES COMING OUT OVER THE NEXT TWO WEEKS WHICH I WILL UPLOAD TO THIS POST – SO IF YOU WANT REGULAR UPDATES, DO ‘LIKE’ THIS POST AND YOU WILL BE KEPT SUITABLY INFORMED. PLEASE NOTE: I have been warned that apparently Claire was pretending to be me for a time, maybe she still is. I have reported a prifile of the same name as mine but Facebook has sanctioned it and so that is that. IF you received ANY COMMUNICATIONS that alarm you in anyway, please contact me so that I am given the opportunity to get to the bottom of it. Finally – if there ever was a post worth sharing…… PLEASE DO SHARE – DAVID BRIGHT COST PARENTS THEIR CONTACT AND IN SOME CASES CHILDREN THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN SAVED FROM FORCED ADOPTION, ARE ALREADY LONG GONE…. Another load of McKenzie Friend crooks bites the dust, this one is fairly high profile given the CPS prosecution. the Victims have created a facebook group and are hoping to launch an action against the pair (Bright & Silverstone) to recover the money at Liverpool Court, some victims who paid via Direct Debit have some recourse to go the bank and do a “chargeback” and hopefully can recoup losses. Oh and it looks like Ray Barry, the useless McKenzie Friend who runs the advertising racket called the “Society of Professional McKenzie Friends (SMPF)”but holds it out to be a REGULATORY BODY…which we all know is bullshit as all it does is advertise McKenzies Friends and dish out telephone numbers to other equally useless McKenzies ready to snap up your hard earned cash….SMPF is on the hitlist for another day, another post. MORAL OF THE STORY: McKenzie Friends are risky as time and time again, they are NOT regulated and victims are left hung dry. They often are the culprit creating myths about solicitors costs etc. so you hire them instead. The con is on. The charges they impose e.g. in this case Bright had all clients paying “Direct Debits” of £180+ a month to no avail,you might as well save or borrow an extra £50 or £100 and get proper legal advice from a Solicitor or pay a bit extra and hire a Barrister for the important hearings such as a final or fact finding hearing. The insurance some McNugget Brains claim to hold out, is very dubious, but that will be another post another day. SCAMMING BASTARDS… If you want to read up further, here are some web links: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1996-06-06/news/9606060091_1_medellin-drug-cartel-drug-lords-jewish http://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/159664/shabbat-bomb-hoaxer-put-me-through-hell http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/news/new-alarm-over-role-of-mckenzie-advisers/5058028.fullarticle http://www.davidbrightserialconman.com/ http://www.checkdirector.co.uk/director/david-bright-london/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1201556053230197/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/338094876239255/946183788763691/ https://www.facebook.com/ialsohaveachildilove/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtMx-Qxl8iR4Q-3MBTZ942Q https://www.facebook.com/david.bright.58910 https://www.facebook.com/claire.r.silverstone?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/groups/338094876239255/search/?query=davidbright http://news.met.police.uk/news/woman-convicted-of-perverting-the-course-of-justice-170890 SHARE THIS:

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